Sunday, August 20, 2006


Love compels me to Love you with so much love.
Love inspires duty. Love begs forgiveness. Love
ignores this pain. Love is deaf to your lies. Love
searches for the tiniest good. Love accepts the
greatest bad. Love holds me when you refuse.
Love smiles at excuses. Love is endless. Love
is troubling. Love comes before me. Love puts
you before me. Love questions me. Love is
insecure. Love apologizes for me in the name
of Love, though i have done no wrong and Love
knows so, but Love is Love and Love is so arrogant
and selfish that Love always gets its way. Love makes
me ignore the uneasiness in my stomach when
you cancel our plans out of nowhere, with that
weird tremble in your voice. Love remembers
your ex-Love is back in your life as just a friend.
Love won’t let me see the brutal truth. Love
still lets me feel brutalized by this ruse. Love
you throw in my face when you attack my suspicion
with guilt, because real Love isn’t a skeptic. real
Love doesn’t doubt the security of our Love. real
Love has faith. real Love trusts your Love even
though i first Loved you my beLoved when you
were still entrusted to your now ex-Lover. and
Love is what makes me say ok to anything Love
wants. Love makes me say hun’ when i want to
scream cun…(biTch). it’s Love that turns that
i hate you into i Love you, i’ll always Love you, and
Love conquers all, except –Love.

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