Sunday, December 23, 2007

Root Canal

I've pulled my teeth
from the gums and
shown you my naked
cavities. You placed
your slender finger
upon my bleeding
flesh and whispered
goodnight so sweetly
that I was convinced
come morning you would
be by my side. Instead,
I awake—not yet
dawn—and you? You're
already gone.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I spent my night
wandering around the cold,
damp streets of University
City. With a belly full of
Valium, a grocery bag full
of wine, and some grizzled
cigarettes for company, the
temptations of false loves
troubled my peace of mind. I
wanted to intuit something
profound, but my connection to
Bukowski is solely in vice
and not in his sagacious
appraisal of life in the
gutter. So, instead, I decided
to trudge home and wallow
in my drunken inferiority.
Cheers to you, my fallen