Thursday, February 21, 2008

Purchase Value

Such a world that
pits a man's soul against
Pier One Imports. I don't
want home deco. I
don't want style. I don't
want useless
shit. I want useless
time. Oodles and oodles of
pointless reverie. I want
serene strings of necrotic
musings tangled throughout
my head. I want to stretch
strips of thought on nonlinear
trajectories like drunk laundry
dangling in a stoned wind. I
want warm solitude and warm
tacos and a warm tequila belly.
I want to moon about
beautiful landscapes with hugs
of sunlight kissing my neck and
arms. I want lonely nothingness,
soft rainfall, and thick nights
dappled with endless stars. I want
time--not stuff. Too bad this
world sells time for stuff or
else I'd be rich.

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