Saturday, October 03, 2009

86-Proof Salvation

We do not waste to sleep. We waste to dream. We’ve been cast into the crotch of civilization—that retarded, stunted growth known as the suburbs. Using the male anatomy to illustrate, we are the ball-sack of the world. Not quite the house of shit down the street, but not the euphoria-inducing shaft of exploding-fulfillment either. We’re right in between. It’s a rather unfortunate position too. At least if we were the asshole then we could pucker up and make a shitty mess of things or give the master an itch that sends him into complete misery. But no, we just hang there, wallowing in the stank of crotch sweat, trying to avoid the waft of shit coming from around the corner, and all the while dreaming that we could feel the mindless joy of a long, voluminous ejaculation. It’s the wretchedness of the middle for us. That’s our lot.